Monday, April 4, 2016

Philosophy Throughout the School Years - Opportunity for interested students!

During the school holidays a Philosophy in Action Day is

going to be held in Wellington. This event is free for

students to attend.

Many leaders in this field, from around the globe, will be

attending a conference about philosophy in schools in

Wellington on April 18th and 19th. As an extension of this, the

Action Day will take place on Wednesday 20th April and

several of the conference presenters will be running

Philosophy sessions at Crofton Downs Primary School for

students from primary age to year 13.

We are inviting school students from year 3 to 13 to take part

in these sessions. The event is free for students to take part,

but adults (mostly teachers and philosophers) will be paying a

small fee to observe the sessions. This is because for all the

theory in the world (for teachers) there is nothing to beat

actually seeing this process in action and watching how skilled

facilitators encourage young people to think.

At our event we will be holding philosophy sessions for

students from year 1 to secondary school. No experience is

required. The sessions will be a group based discussion. The

facilitator will provide a stimulus and lead the students as they

build their thinking and understanding about the philosophical

questions that arise.

The practicalities:

• You will need to register students for this event. Places are

limited, so please only register if you intend to attend.

Click here to see the full programme and to register.

• Students will need to sign in and out of the event

• CDPS staff will be at this event to help with supervision and

provide first aid if necessary

• For students staying across a break a packed snack or lunch

will be required

• Normal school and playground rules will apply and we

request that students treat the school grounds with


Any questions, about the event, please email:

Louise Gusterson

For more information about the FAPSA ‘Philosophy

Throughout the School Years Conference’: Click here
Louise Gusterson

Assistant Principal, SENCO, Teacher Harirau Class
 Crofton Downs Primary

, Chartwell Drive
, Wellington 6035 Phone:  04 479 2429 
Fax:  04 479 2285

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