Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Our heartfelt congratulations go out today to our fabulous new team of school leaders for 2017.

It was an exceptionally tough job to choose from the multitude of wonderful applications we received and we are already impressed with the leadership shown by all the members of the Senior School over our first few weeks.

Looks like we are in for a very promising year!

Please excuse some photo gaps due to student absences - these groups will be updated as soon as we can!

Head Boy: Angus Flynn, Deputy: Oscar Zuijderwijk
Head Girls: Millie Watkins, Deputy: Lily Sambrooke

House Captains (King): Grace Manson & Sam Mc Robbie

House Captains (Charters): Marta Perez-Benet & Ben Murphy

House Captains (Sanson): Lachie McFarlane & Francisca Zaballa

House Captains (Cook): Lachlan McLachlan & Holly Churchman 

Sports Ambassadors:  Ben Murphy (leader), Harper Pullin-Babington, Sam Roche, Lucas Archibald, Mason Donnelly, Leon Medcalf, Cooper Watson

Assembly Hosts:  Chloe Bothwell, Lily Sambrooke, Millie Watkins, Oscar Zuijderwijk, Angus Flynn, Sophia Cotsilinis, Grace Manson, Holly Churchman

Muritai TV: Miles Futter (leader), Harry Bloomfield, Luke Thompson, Cooper Watson, Lucas Archibald, Josh Ryan, Ethan Smith, Dan Walker, Chloe Bothwell, Harper Pullin-Babington

Assembly Set Up & AV Support Crew: Josh Ryan (leader), George Walker, Henry Bearman-Riedel, Ming Bao, Luke Thompson, Sam McRobbie, Halina Smith, Flynn Cook, Solomon Tito

Charity Ambassadors: Francisca Zaballa (leader), Marta Perez-Benet, Lachlan McLachlan, Imogen Chappell, Seren Lewis

Kapa Haka Leaders: Imogen Chappell, Lachie McFarlane, Francisca Zaballa, Barney Cass

Art Ambassadors: Marta Perez-Benet (leader), Cella Connell, Millie Watkins, Francisca Zaballa, Dan Walker, Molly Mathewson, Lachlan McLachlan, Oscar Zuijderwijk, Chloe Bothwell

Enviro School Ambassadors:  Tai Van der Bar & Dan Walker (leaders), Elodie Bain, Molly Mathewson, Imogen Chappell, Seren Lewis

Junior Lunch Monitors:  Sophie Olliver (leader), Petra Tilley, Barney Cass, Solomon Tito, Amelia Swift, Elodie Bain, Elsie Wilson

Wet Weather Monitors: Kieran Kerr & Charlie Watkins (leaders), Emma Miller, Lachlan Buchanan, Poppy Neal, Sophie Olliver, Abby Miller, Abby Mc Phee, Ana Zuijderwijk, Olivia Ogilvie, Blaine Knapham, Harriet Travers, Mila Rose Daniel-Oakshatt

Assembly Buddies: Lily Heath, Ella Szikszai, Esme Daley, Seren Lewis, Emmylou Nickel, Ruby Schroder, Cameron Bentley, Ollie Fastier, Alex Irvine


  1. Well done everyone. You'll all do a great job. I loved looking at the photos! :-)

  2. Fantastic to see so many ex-Room 7 students now leading the school! Its cool seeing how you all look so happy! :-) Mr Dobson