Thursday, March 23, 2017

Henry's Review of One of Yesterday's Performances

Mata And The Mysterious Musical
On Thursday the 23rd of March 2017 The muritai senior school and a few other schools attended the three live shows planned out by Capital E for the National Arts Festival I particularly enjoyed Mata And The Mysterious Musical which was about a boy who wanted to make music and sing and be famous but the ipad which he used got taken away because his parents. During the night the boy was visited by musical spirits who taught him how to play his instruments amazingly. This was held at Te Papa and was performed  by a very talented Jamie Mccaskill. He played two maori instruments and a bass guitar, electric guitar, ukulele and a loop machine. It was really fun and all the audience were fully engaged. At the end he even invited some students up to play . Overall i rate it about a 7/10 and i recommend it for students aged 8/11 and above.  

By Henry Bearman-Riedel

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