Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Trip Information Letter for Tuesday 16th May

Wednesday 3 May 2017                                                                                       

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

As part of the Documentary Edge Film Festival (with the generous support of the Rei Foundation), ‘Docs 4 Schools’ is offering free in-theatre screenings for year 5-13 students of the latest documentaries from around the world.  This opportunity is just too good to miss and we have booked for our team to go and see the documentary “Bugs” on Tuesday 16th May at the Roxy Cinemas in Miramar.  Please follow this link if you would like to…
Watch the Trailer: https://vimeo.com/162505800

As stated above, the entry to this documentary is free and the cost of the buses (approx $5 per head) will be covered using the students’ activity fee.

But there’s more!  Since we are heading into our Science term and exploring ‘Adaptation’, we thought it would be a good opportunity to combine our visit with an afternoon at Te Papa’s ‘Mountain’s to Sea’ and ‘Bush City’ exhibits to investigate how living things adapt to their environment.

We will be bused between the Roxy Cinema and Te Papa and the bus will pick us up at 2pm to return to school for usual finish time. 

If your family lives in Wellington or Petone, or you would prefer to pick up your child from there please contact your child’s classroom teacher and we will do our utmost to work around this with the bus company.  Although please do note that we should be back to school at normal time.

We are unsure as to what the weather will be doing on this day so, to ensure they have a great day, students will need to bring:

  • Warm clothes & a waterproof jacket
  • Comfortable shoes for walking
  • A large named, filled water bottle
  • Plenty of lunch and morning tea
  • Any medication they are required to carry (inhalers, etc)
  • Their sunhat

Kind regards

Annette Borgonje

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