Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Creating AI models

In Room 21 this afternoon, the students had the opportunity to create a simple model linking to science in the everyday world.

We decided to discuss the role of Artificial Intelligence and how that is being used and how we can use it to our advantage, before looking at the negatives of using AI.

The challenge that was set, was that in groups they would be given a bag of random materials, which were all slightly different. In their teams they needed to construct an AI model by using all the materials, they could be as imaginative with their ideas as they wanted.

  The teams had to brainstorm all the possible models they could create, pick one and then think about how their model would work.

The groups had 40 minutes to create their models and present to the class.

The end products were incredibly creative, we had housework robots, dancing robots, a robot butler/piggy bank, a thought machine and a robot to help injured animals.

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