Monday, June 11, 2018

Te ao Maori - The creation myth

This afternoon in Room 21 we explored the creation myth. First the students used their prior knowledge on what they already knew about the myth.
We looked at key people involved; Ranginui, Papatuanuku, Tane Mahuta, Tumatauenga etc.

Next we watched the story on the creation and used our note taking skills to bullet point the key points of the story.

After we had bullet pointed the key points of the creation myth, students had two options, they could either make a movie reenacting the story where they had to use key te reo phrases or they could make a poster documenting the key moment of the creation myth.

Most students chose the poster and they were encouraged to think of different ways they could represent their key moment through images. The end result showed how different students represented their moment (for most it was Tane pushing Ranginui and Papatuanuku apart).

Below are some of our finished results.

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