Wednesday, August 17, 2016 Performance Visits!

Today the Year 5-8 students were entertained by 'Perform' Educational Musicals.  The performance was named '' and covered the following...


• What is cyber bullying?
• Cyber bullying is a criminal offence in NZ.
• What to do if you’re cyber bullied.
• Bystanders – their choices and the implications of their choices.
• Keeping personal details to yourself.
• The risks of ‘friending’ strangers online.
• The risks of assuming a fake identity online.
• Cyber bullies can’t hide – how cyber activity can be traced.
• Cyber bullying is never your ‘fault’.
• Self esteem
• Communication
• Peer pressure
• Kindness
• Supportive friendships

Here are some shots of the action!

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